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Interior Design Ideas

Clean and White

Design Ideas for Your Home

Your decision to have a pure white home is just the beginning. Get creative and make your white home as unique and personalized as you want. Don’t know where to start? Here are some of our tips to get inspired.

“White is a particularly unusual color because it can also be seen as an absence of color,” says Japanese graphic designer and author Kenya Hara. Make use of this unique feature by using it showcase your creativity. Be bold and try out unusual patterns, dark colors, or a wooden floor. How far you dare to go in creating contrasts is, of course, up to you. White or neutral colored walls are also great for showcasing art – take note the next time you visit an art gallery or museum.

A room that definitely benefits from white interior design is your bathroom. Different textures such as wood and metal, as well as white flowers, will add a touch of extra elegance to it. In a much more discreet way, Henkel’s Pure White Rim Block will also contribute to the lightness and freshness of your bathroom area.

If you like the strong contrast of white on black, play around with it. Just a splash of black in an all-white room is enough to create a striking effect. Renowned German designer Fons Hickmann explains why we are so fascinated with opposites: “Black and white are realms of the imagination, kingdoms of the subconscious, countries rich in hopes and dreams.” Decorating your home is a wonderful opportunity to explore the hidden landscapes of your mind!

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