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Bathroom Of Dreams

8 Dreamy Pure White Bathrooms

Have you ever thought about how the color white actually impacts the appearance of your bathroom? It is, after all, the classic color for sanitary ware, from old-fashioned ceramic basins to modern acrylic bathtubs. So why not take it one step further and make white the color base for your bathroom’s design? That’s what Henkel had in mind when they invented the Pure White Rim Block. It will enhance your own white-themed design. For inspiration, check out these eight stunning bathrooms where white takes center stage and see how versatile the color can be.

1. Classic

Back to basics! This bathroom won us over with its straight lines and design. It brilliantly shows what white can achieve: brighten your room, enlarge it, and give it a subtle sense of perfection. Nevertheless, the designer decided to combine the all-white interior with a wooden floor instead of tiles. Adding a natural element like wood or plant fiber prevents white rooms from starting to feel cold and sterile, and makes them more comfortable and inviting.

2. Balance and Contrast

Black tiles and white walls. The bathtub and toilet complement each other. Here, the ancient Chinese philosophical concept of Yin and Yang has been beautifully translated into modern design. Black and white interiors always impress with their economy and simplicity. The glass shower wall has the visual effect of enlarging the space, while the wooden décor complements the white side of the room.

3. Enlightened

With ocean views, this bathroom screams, “Location, location, location!” A beautiful bathroom view is best accompanied by a low-key interior. White, centered on the bathtub, also works as decorative tool, contrasting with the main color, gray. You might be surprised how well white goes with neutral tones like gray, cream and beige. The effect is subtle but never dull.

4. Industrial Chic

This room showcases how white can be used to make rough, raw surfaces look comfortable and friendly. It is also a good example of what materials and textures can do to how you perceive color. Note the contrast between the glossy white of the bathtub area and the chalky white of the painted brick walls.

5. Multifaceted

Different shades of white make this bathroom a unique and cozy sanctuary. The designer managed to perfectly combine pure white, nude hues, and a few touches of black. Note the effect of pattern on color: despite its neutral shades, the small patterned tile floor has a romantic rather than purist flair.

6. All-In-One

White is capable of standing on its own two feet and effortlessly looks elegant and chic. With modern composite materials like stone resin, bathtubs can be produced in all kinds of unusual and stunning shapes. Contrast with darker colors and shades of blue and a few well-placed decorative items to create a perfect all-of-a-piece impression.

7. Maritime

In maritime countries people often build pure white houses, the Greek islands of the Aegean Sea being among the most beautiful examples. So why shouldn’t we incorporate maritime colors into our bathrooms to make us feel more comfortable? This classic white room, accented with azure blue, gives you an immediate feeling of wellness. You’ll feel like you’re at a spa.

8. Summer Cottage

Who doesn’t like a relaxing day at the beach? We know we do, which is why we decided to feature this amazing summery bathroom. Like all-white rooms, it benefits immensely from the ample light. However, because white reflects the sunlight, shades or curtains are essential to avoid glare.

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