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Find Your Bathroom Style

For all those building their own house or planning a renovating project, must remember the need to find your bathroom style. It is one of the most important and used rooms in your house. It is not only an area or room, where we carry out our morning cleaning rituals, but a place where we, due to increasing life dynamics, spend ‘our 5min a day’ to relax, read and enjoy our time alone. Therefore, it needs to be the place, where we feel comfortable. If you have a pretty bathroom, which matches your aesthetic, you would always look forward to that soothing bath after a long day at work and perhaps even get more motivated to do your skin care routine every day.

Types of bathroom styles

There might be several pop quizzes online or detailed guides about the right way to find your bathroom style. Whether it is minimalist, colorful, modern, traditional or more decorative, there might several styles you would prefer over others. However, a large number of you might not even stay fixed on following a certain design or aesthetic in your bathroom, and would perhaps prefer a mixture of different ones or with a touch of your own. If you have large enough space you can perhaps make every corner look different and have a life of itself. Nonetheless, here is what several of these more common and known bathroom styles entail.

Traditional Style

If you are someone who is adamant about going with a traditional feel everywhere in your house, it would be a great idea to use the same style for your bathroom as well. A traditional styles bathroom has a formal or classic architectural design. You will find the use of natural stones, along with vintage looking fixtures and alcoves. However, you still have a lot of options to select your materials from. Marble, as well as granite, work best for countertops, and dark wood used for the cabinets complements them. You must also ensure that the decorative items you use in the bathroom also match the same style. Try finding urns and pots in classic shapes to put green leaves or flowers in for a pop of color. Moreover, the color you choose for the walls is also extremely important. You can go either for a bold color such as emerald green or maybe a more subtle one as well. If you want to go for a wallpaper, perhaps choose a classic pattern and follow the same classic theme for your shower curtains as well linens.

Modern Minimalism

What a modern minimalist bathroom means for one person might differ from what it is for another. Some may want to go to the extreme and prefer a modern bathroom with glass walls and sinks, whereas others may just use reflective materials to make the whole bathroom appear sleek and stylish. No matter what design you choose, generally the idea behind having a modern minimalist style is having a clean, clutter-free look. This means using more glass and solid surfaces for the countertops. Moreover, the cabinets you choose must not have extra artistic details, like in the case of a traditional bathroom. Go for more simple, environment friendly wood like cork or bamboo for your modern bathroom as well as stainless steel for the sink.

Having a concealed cabinet behind the mirror would be a great idea to store your makeup and toiletries in order to achieve a clean, organized look which is the epitome of a modern bathroom. Most people also prefer going for an all-white palette for their bathroom, but you can even choose some other neutral color. However, do not forget to complement your plain walls with pop of color here and there through the decorative items you use. Plants are something you might find in a modern bathroom in order to add that beautiful green to all the plainness.

Eclectic and Unique

If you are someone who likes a lot of color, prefers bold designs over plain over, loves a great flee market bargain and more important like to go a bit extra with your interior design choice, you most likely would love having an eclectic style for your bathroom. It is the best way to mix and match various styles, get a bit more inventive about your color as well as material choices and use your creative mind. If you are planning to opt for this style for your bathroom, you go about two different routes.

In the first case, it would be a good idea to create a uniformed look, however, not in the boring plain walls way. Use bold patterns, for instance geometric prints or stripes, to create an accent look for your bathroom. Then, perhaps through repetition of design, shapes and color create cohesion.

In the second case, you can mix several different styles together: perhaps a traditional counter tops but with sleek sink design. Decorative items and accessories are important in this case. Use glass jars, eclectic baskets or trinket trays to store items such as your beauty products. Moreover, choose the right line and shower curtain designs. It does not have to match with everything else in the bathroom but needs to complement the overall design you have in mind.

Making a choice

Such bathroom makeover projects are always fun but can get a bit stressful when you have to make all the important decision at one time. You may get indecisive about which material to use, which shower curtain goes well with your wall paint and perhaps, how to create storage space in your bathroom without disturbing its overall design. In addition to this, sometimes you have more than one bathroom to style in your house. In such a case, you may have to consider for what purpose each one would be used for; your master bathroom would definitely be different from your guest bathroom. Nonetheless, no matter what bathroom style you go for make sure that it reflects your personality and makes you happy because that is what really matters in the end. So, learn about what you like the most, start your research and put your creative work shoes on.

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