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Bref Power Active Lavender Field

The easy way to a clean and fresh toilet

4 in 1 Power for the Toilet: - Hygienic foam - Stain Removal - Dirt Protection - Extra Freshness

Looking for an easier way to keep your toilet clean and fresh?

The innovative formula of Bref Power Active has 4 powerful functions in a discreet and modern design. This new generation of toilet blocks provides anti-limescale action and will help keep your toilets thoroughly clean and fresh, with the combined actions of hygienic foam, stain removal, dirt protection and extra freshness.
Now with improved freshness that lasts until the last flush!

When tested in our development institute in Europe, Bref Power Active lasted up to 250 flushes.

Refer to for full information.

  1. Remove Bref Power Active from its packaging and unfold the hanger.
  2. Place onto the toilet bowl rim.
  3. For best results, adjust to ensure the product is aligned to the flow of water when the toilet is flushed.

Ensure the product is securely attached to the toilet rim. Dispose of the used container in the recycling bin. The product may cause damage or a blockage if flushed.


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