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Interior Design Trend

All White Everything

The Pure White Interior Design Trend

Decade after decade, century after century, trends have changed. Yet somehow many cultures of the world have always returned to pure white in their homes – Japan, Morocco and the Scandinavian countries to mention but a few. We also strongly associate white with ancient Greek buildings and temples, although there is archeological proof that at least some of them were once colorfully painted. For us, it doesn’t really matter, as long as the concept of white keeps on inspiring us.

To give your home a hint of contemporary chic, try painting everything in white. Does this immediately make you think of a hospital? This can be easily prevented by working with different textures and creating a dynamic and vivid atmosphere. Buy a colorful carpet, add a cloth throw to your couch, or work with hints of nude or pastel colors to personalize your home.

Clean, fresh pure white interior design has returned to the design zeitgeist. Modern minimalism is the response to the overload of patterns we have been bombarded with over the past few decades. A white home is considered stylish, spacious and relaxed. Because we are surrounded by colors everywhere, monochromatic white has a distinctive effect. At the same time, white – just like its opposite, black – makes objects and other colors more visible.

The trend of pure white has been around for some time now, extending even to product categories we would not have thought part of it, enabling even the smallest details of your home to join in this pure, white look. Henkel’s Pure White Rim Block is one of those details, helping you create your perfect white bathroom.

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