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Five ways to keep the toilet cleaner

Nobody likes to clean the toilet, so if we have to, we want to do it as quickly and efficiently as possible. The best way to make sure you finish quickly is to keep the toilet clean at all times!

By using the right products and cleaning the toilet after each use, maintenance becomes a piece of cake. In addition, you can be sure that the toilet is always clean and you will never have to feel annoyed or ashamed. We've got five great tips to help keep the toilet clean for longer.

1. Sit down for a cleaner toilet

This may be a touchy subject in some households, but one of the easiest ways to keep the toilet clean for longer is by not using it standing up. If both men and women sit down during use, toilets stay cleaner for longer. Urine that does not end up in the jar does not disappear. Urine stains, absorbs everywhere, the smell lingers and causes dirty and smelly spots on the floor around the pot, on the glasses and the top of the pot. Peeing while sitting may seem like a waste of time, but it really isn't.

2. Use the brush with every rinse

The toilet brush is there for a reason. Do not only use it during the cleaning of the toilet, but also after every use. It quickly becomes routine and you know for sure that the toilet is always clean. Wipe the jar with some toilet cleaner and the brush. You will soon notice that the weekly cleaning is practically nothing anymore! It is important to keep the toilet brush clean and to replace it regularly. Toilet brushes get dirty and wear out quite quickly. Despite being cheap, many people use their brush for almost a lifetime! It's not necessary. The toilet brush should be replaced regularly: every few months or when needed. Good tip: To prolong the life of the toilet brush, allow it to dry before putting it back into the holder. You can do this by sandwiching the handle of the brush between the toilet seat and the top of the bowl. If you just put the brush back in the holder right away, it will get dirty and damp.

3. Toilet block prevents toilet from getting dirty

Use a good toilet block and keep the toilet clean, smelling fresh and free of brown stains. Bref Power Activ' Hygiene prevents limescale, forms foam at the bottom of the pot and provides a wonderfully fresh scent after every rinse. A toilet block lasts for 2100 flushes, and there is no easier way to ensure permanent cleaning of the toilet. Easy to install, easy to replace and a wide choice for optimum hygiene and freshness. With a toilet block under the rim of the bowl, the toilet is always pico bello. It looks clean and smells nice and fresh.

4. Cistern Tablet

If ease of use is important, you can use a toilet tablet that you put in the cistern. You simply throw the tablet in the cistern, after which the toilet remains clean for no less than 800 flushes. This means that you have three months of blue flushing water and the entire toilet therefore remains hygienic and free of brown stains.

5. Clean regularly

To keep the toilet clean, you need to clean it regularly. Teach your fellow residents to clean up and clean up themselves in the event of an accident. Acting quickly will keep the toilet clean for much longer. Conscious use of the toilet means cleaning yourself immediately and not letting someone else do the dirty work (or having to do it yourself later)!

In addition, make sure to schedule regular cleaning of the toilet and bathroom: at least once a week. Without a schedule like that, it's all too easy to let it go. If you maintain the toilet properly, a good cleaning should take no more than 10 to 15 minutes a week. Determine a convenient time in your weekly schedule and schedule that as toilet cleaning time. Maybe before going to night school, before going to work, or before watching your favorite show. Find the perfect moment for you and stick to it!

One final note: even a well-maintained toilet needs a thorough overhaul every now and then. This includes scrubbing the inside of the cistern and removing the toilet seat. Not a fun job, but one that still needs to be done once or twice a year. Schedule such a thorough cleaning in your calendar, preferably as a recurring appointment in your electronic calendar, so you don't forget it.

Reduce the frequency of cleaning the toilet. Never let the toilet get dirty with our top 5 ways to keep it clean

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