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11 Tips - Ready, Set, Go!

11 Tips for a Lighter Home

We could all do with a little help getting our home clean.

Follow our 11 tips and make your home a cleaner and brighter place!

1. Tidy home, tidy mind

“Tidying orders the mind and cleaning purifies it,” says Japanese cleaning consultant and bestselling author Marie Kondo. Knowing that cleaning is good for your inner wellbeing makes it so much easier to get started.

2. Tidy first!

One crucial piece of advice from expert Marie Kondo: declutter before you clean. Get rid of things you don’t need anymore. This will make your cleaning so much more effective.

3. Keep cleaning supplies in every room

With cleaning supplies everywhere, you are more likely to clean – we promise! It is so much easier to just reach down and do the cleaning than to have to walk to a different room to get your cleaning products. Outsmart yourself!

4. Get inspired!

Feeling more comfortable at home will make you want to clean more, trust us! You can find inspiration for your home on Pinterest and Instagram, and in magazines and interior decorating books. Or just check out tip #5.

5. Go white!

White is the color of cleanliness and perfection. More white in your design, for example in your bathroom, will make it look cleaner. It will also make you want to clean more regularly. Pure white is fashionable. Dare to follow the trend!

6. Dress for success

Wear comfortable clothing when cleaning. This will make you feel better. You might even try setting aside a special cleaning outfit that you always wear when cleaning your home.

7. If it takes less than two minutes, just do it now!

Be efficient and always ask yourself, will the task you are about to put off take less than two minutes? If so, do it now! It will save you a lot of time.

8.  Be prepared

Use cleaning products that will save on time and effort. For example, rim blocks: They will do a lot of the dirty work for you. Check out Henkel’s Pure White Rim Blocks. They do a great job in keeping your toilet clean – flush by flush.

9. Think smart

Your grandmother probably had her own tips and tricks for effective cleaning, such as using a teaspoon of lemon oil to make the glass shower door shine. You can be just as clever, making use of modern day devices – dampen and microwave your sponges to kill the bacteria, or use microfiber cleaning cloths.

10. Dedicate 15 minutes a day to cleaning!

Make cleaning a daily habit. Huge tasks are easier to tackle if you split them up on your to-do list.

11. Take it easy

Cleaning is a great way to practice mindfulness. Just concentrate on your task, switch off your TV, and avoid distraction. You will be rewarded with a wonderful feeling of flow and peace of mind.

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