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Clever Bathroom Storage Solutions

Getting back home from a busy day at work, most of us would love to have all our toiletries, makeup brushes and bathroom essentials in their right place, before we get into our most awaited bath for the day. Having all these every day products all around the bathroom not only makes it look like a chaotic space, but places an additional burden on our busy selves. Hence, a bathroom with all these necessities tucked away in a proper way, not only ensures that everything remains organized, but also is in easy reach for you to use every day. This also makes the cleaning process much easier when there is lesser risk of things falling apart, getting broken and consequently becoming even messier.

A clean and organized bathroom is definitely one with enough storage space to store all your bath and beauty products, as well as other bathroom essentials such as towels and cleaning supplies. However, most of us, might have tiny, minuscule bathrooms, or perhaps oddly shaped bathrooms which offers limited few storage opportunities. There are several creative ways for you to make the best use of your space.

For a bathroom without a medicine cabinet

You might find some sort of a medicine cabinet in almost every bathroom, however, with those without it there are several ways to manage the scatter. An interesting idea would be to use organizers for storing everything. You can find tiered baskets for storing larger items and drawers or even trinket rays for smaller items you use all the time. You can pick up a color scheme or an aesthetic to follow and follow it while you purchase all your storage items. Another great tip would be to use a bar cart to keep all your body care and bath products. If you have limited space in your bathroom, you can bring out the bar cart only when you need it. It is mobile and occupies very little space making it ideal for congested bathroom spaces.

Using all the space you have

Having a small bathroom would mean a smaller medicine cabinet or storage space available to you. This might not be enough to contain everything. Hence, there is a need to be creative and utilize unused spaces around your bathroom. You can definitely install shelves above your toilet or even on or above your bathroom door as well. These need not be proper cupboards if you are not looking forward to a building job. A good idea would be to instead get storage boxes to put on these shelves if you want to hide away all your products from the general view.  In addition to this, if your bathroom comes with a wall-mount or pedestal sink, you might not even have cabinets below it. You can use shelves to make use of this area. There are several shelving options available in stores to specially cater to this area of the bathroom.

Staying budget friendly

Sometimes shelving and storage organizers may cost you a lot depending on the place you get them from. However, if you are someone who does not want to spend a lot and perhaps is some sort of an art-savvy individual, you can even DIY to create interesting cool spaces. A lot of people buy inexpensive crates from a craft store, paint them and mount them on the walls in an interesting way to solve storage problems. Such projects add a personal, fun and creative feel to your bathroom.

Secret shelving in your bathroom

A lot of shelving and storage boxes popping out here and there might make your bathroom seem like an overcrowded place. If you are someone who loves minimalism or perhaps admire some free space in your bathroom, then secret shelving is your best option. Full-length bathroom mirrors or even smaller ones mounted over the sink can be a used as cabinets. You can tuck away all your products in the cabinet behind the mirror and when you close the doors you do not have to see the clutter.

Storage for electronic appliances

For those of you with small bathrooms and limited storage spaces, one of the main cause of concern is not having a proper and safe space to put your electronic appliances. Putting your hot curling rod near the sink might not be the best idea; it can be extremely dangerous. A good idea would be to install metallic file box storage perhaps on the side of your sink or even on your cabinet door if you want to save space.

In the wall storage

In the wall storage, especially inside the shower or bath area, is a clever way to save space in the bathroom. However, this project is more applicable to those who are still in the process of constructing their house or those undergoing a renovation in their space. In addition to solving your storage problems, in the wall storage, in the form of an alcove or built-in nook, adds an interesting design element to your bathroom.

Glass jars

Everyday items that you use in your bathroom perhaps may not be so decorative or aesthetically pleasing if randomly placed on the shelves or your sink counter. Therefore, an interesting way to make things look prettier is to get glass jars. These are excellent for storing your makeup brushes, cleansing wipes and cotton buds, along with many other important things you want to display in an interesting manner.

Using a magnetic board

For those looking for a more fun, as well as decorative way to organize their stuff, must try out a magnetic board. You can easily make it by using a large picture frame, a metal sheet and a piece of fabric. It is a great place to stick your makeup products. You will definitely find it to be both beautiful and functional. A bathroom is one of the places you use the most in your house and hence, keeping it organized as well as clean is essential for both your mental satisfaction and everyday use. Hence, by following the tips mentioned above you can get both creative with the little storage space you already have in your bathroom, or invent new ways to store away your essentials in a more organized manner. Get creative, use these amazing storage ideas to fit everything you need in your bathroom and give it another look.

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