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Why we love white

Pure and Clean.

Why white is our all-time favorite color

“White has the appeal of the nothingness that is before birth, of the world in the ice age.” This quote from famous Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky says it all. Do you remember the day you were born? Probably not. No one does. You came into this world a symbolic blank page, your only job to fill it with experiences and lessons learned while you pass through the different stages of your life.

Think about this page. I bet you have a white page in mind. Have you ever asked yourself why this is the case? Why can’t it be red, yellow or brown? Since every color has its own meaning and implication, an empty white page makes sense. While red represents love, and yellow might be connected with the sun, white stands for purity and fresh, new beginnings. White, empty pages invite us to fill them with experiences and thoughts.

White is an important and frequent part of our lives. Whether a bride’s classic white gown and the groom’s white shirt at a wedding, a doctor’s sterile white coat, or a clean white bathroom – the color is everywhere. Did you ever think about the fact that birds’ eggs are white – including those of birds that are not white? Yet white welcomes other colors. According to additive color theory it is, in fact, a blending of all colors. You can’t see white sunlight unless atmospheric conditions bend the light rays and create a rainbow.

When you choose to replace the shiny, colorful rim blocks in your bathroom with Henkel’s Pure White Rim Block, you have chosen a pure, sterile and clean alternative that gives your home a touch of perfection and ease. You have not, however, excluded color from your life.

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