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How to create a home that shines in pure white

It is time to shine! We’re willing to bet you know white is the core color in interior design. What you might not have heard is how easy it is to incorporate this into the design of your own home. Here are our five essential steps for creating a home that is centered on whiteness and purity.

Planning is key

Make sure you know what your goal is. Analyze your rooms and ask yourself where you would like to make changes. Does your home feel like it needs to be brighter? White homes benefit from appearing brighter – just make sure you keep this in mind when planning ahead.

Clean surfaces

Make sure you have clean surfaces – including walls, ceilings and floors. If you like, paint all your walls and ceilings in white, then create a contrast with dark colored or wooden flooring. Other neutral tones like gray, nude or pastel colors complement white well, too.

Minimalistic furniture

Stay focused – only use the furniture you need. A pure white design will work best accompanied by straightforward, functional furniture. Get rid of unnecessary clutter and furniture that does not fit with your new design – charitable organizations will be happy to take them, or you can even sell them online.

Shine brightly

Take maximum advantage of natural light! One of the key advantages of pure white is that it reflects sunlight well, so plan your room wisely. If your existing windows are not enough, you might consider adding more window space with some construction work.

It goes without saying that Henkel’s Pure White Rim Block will fit effortlessly into your new bathroom design.

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