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Common Bathroom Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Bathroom renovations can be both a fun, creative project to embark on one hand, however, on the other it can be a stressful process full of mistakes. Leaking showers, waterproofing and even the color scheme you choose is an important decision. You are creating and redefining a space, no matter how small it is, for your own personal use, hence, it must be best-suited to your personal needs. Moreover, considering that most changes you make during the renovation process, in most cases, are meant to be long-lasting, so critical decision making skills are necessary for avoiding some common bathroom mistakes.

Before starting your renovation project

Prevention is better than cure, they say. So, before you start your renovation or construction of the bathroom, there are several things that you must be aware of and a certain process that you must follow.

  • You must have a vision regarding how you want the space to look like. The whole pre-planning process will be easier if you know what you want and how you want it.
  • You should set a budget beforehand. This will direct what resources you have at your disposal for this job.
  • You also need to research extensively about this project, for instance the material you want for your countertop or the bath tub you like. Also, be open to new ideas even if they require a bit of change in your initial plan.

Choosing the right lightening

Those of you, who apply their makeup in their bathroom or perhaps do your shaving in there, you must definitely be aware of the power of good lightening. It is also one of the most important tips most interior designers will give: make sure you have the best lightening. Lightening does not only mean installing loads of light fixtures in the ceiling. With innovative products coming into the market every day, you now have several options in light fixtures to try out. Although, natural sunlight from a large window is a dream come true, but it might not be really practical in all sorts of bathroom spaces, especially those which have privacy issues. A remodeler can choose from the following options: task lighting, which usually is best for makeup purposes and can be installed near the mirror, accent lighting, which is great if you want to focus on a specific area in the bathroom, and lastly, ambient lightening which you can adjust according to your mood. You can have several of these installed in your bathroom at the same time.

Make sure to waterproof

Water proofing is one of the most important tasks of a remodeler. Any mistake would not only cost you a lot of money to fix, but can also damage other rooms in the house; this is, especially, the case with other rooms that exist right below your bathroom. The best way to deal with this issue is to use membrane everywhere in your bathroom. This will prevent any leaks and will make your bathroom wall paint stay in place for a longer period of time.

Lack of storage space

No one likes the sight of a messy bathroom, with makeup brushes lying in the sink and your towels spilling out on the floor. This is both an unhygienic and cluttered image to visualize. Hence, it is important that you ensure enough storage space is created in the bathroom during your renovation project. It is important to have a proper cabinet to store your medicines, electronic appliances, makeup, toiletries and other bathroom essentials; so that they are available to use all the time and you do not have to commute from one room to another gathering everything before you have a shower. However, in cases where you have limited space in your bathroom you might have to be slightly more creative in creating storage space. Perhaps hidden cabinets behind mirrors or in-the-wall shelves are a great way to hide away the mess. Using unusual spaces such as above the bathroom door, below a mounted sink or along the shower curtain, to create storage spaces is also a great idea.

Professional advice

Most of us underestimate the requirements of a renovation project and avoid consulting a professional designer before we embark on it. It might be because we want to avoid additional costs or perhaps, believe that we can do it all ourselves. However, no matter how simple the project is, you must consult an expert in order to ensure that the bathroom space you are envisioning is functional. Sometimes what is in our mind, might not be practical to carry out in reality. A professional designer could help you with the floor plan, and would be the best person to advise you on where to get the right material or other fixtures from. In addition to this, he or she might also help you stay in budget by recommending ideas that fall under your spending cap.


We often forget about how important ventilation is in a bathroom. You might remember feeling slightly uncomfortable in your small bathroom after a hot shower, especially when the windows was closed. This is probably due to poor ventilation and high levels of humidity, which not only makes shower time hard for you, but it destroys your wall paint as well. In addition to this, it might also lead to mold growth, which is definitely expensive to fix. Therefore, you must ensure that sufficient ventilation is provided in your bathroom. If creating a window is not possible, it is advisable to invest in a good exhaust fan for your light space. These common bathroom mistakes, as mentioned above, can be really costly and time consuming to fix, causing you a lot of inconvenience in the long run. It is important that you make a checklist regarding these issue, before beginning your renovation or construction project to ensure that you avoid them at all costs to create a space you can love and relax in.

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