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Idea Behind Pure & White

Designer Cleaning

The new Pure White Rim Block deserves your attention.

Color trends always reflect the way we feel about living space. The cultural changes of the 1960s, for example, reflected in pop art with its bold primary colors, have had a lasting effect on us. For decades, rim blocks were cheery and colorful, to lighten your heart and brighten up your day. But times have changed. Now there’s almost too much color in our daily lives, so many images, sounds and information; people long for clarity, calm and simplicity. That’s why the ideas of Zen, mindfulness and meditation have become so popular.

Of course, design trends shift and move with changing attitudes. So do Henkel’s rim blocks. We developed our new Pure White Rim Block for you: design-loving homeowners who do not like any fuss when cleaning their toilet, but rather want it to be a discreet and easy task.

Being all white, this new product manages to combine both design and functionality, giving you and every other homeowner an innovative alternative to existing cleaning options. Best of all, it harmoniously blends into your bathroom’s design! After all, why shouldn’t we listen to what your bathroom is crying out for and respond with a simple, minimalistic cleaning option?

We know that cleaning your bathroom is not a topic you like to dwell on – but we all know that it is necessary. The Pure White Rim Block’s four power balls add a refreshing aesthetic touch to your bathroom, all while keeping your toilet clean and making the whole room smell fresh. At Henkel, we have taken rim blocks to another level.

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