Bref Blue Activ

Visible Blue water action even between flushes

1) Hygienic foam 2) Dirt protection 3) Stain Removal 4) Fresh Fragrance + Visible blue water action between flushes

Wouldn't it be great to have your toilet always clean and fresh, even between flushes?

Bref Blue Active provides 4in1 benefits at the time of flushing:

  • Hygienic foam
  • Dirt protection
  • Stain removal
  • Extra freshness

Also, thanks to its blue water balls, Bref Blue Active visibly maintains cleanliness and freshness of your toilet even between flushes. How? Once you flush, the basket of Blue Active collects the water, enriches it with active ingredients and releases it at the end of the flush. A proof of this is the blue water remaining in your toilet for cleanliness and freshness even between flushes!

Bref Blue Active lasts up to an impressive 250 flushes!

Refer to for full information.

1) Hang Bref Blue Active on the rim of your toilet
2) Adjust it to the water flow
3) Replace it when the balls are empty

Ensure the product is securely attached to the toilet rim. Dispose of the used container in the recycling bin. The product may cause damage or a blockage if flushed.


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