Why should I use a rimblock?

Rimblocks are used to maintain cleanliness and freshness in your toilet.
It prevents limescale build up in the toilet bowl, fights dirt, removes stains and brings a fresh smell to your toilet and bathroom thanks to the regular release of active ingredients with every flush.

What is the difference between Power Active and Duo-Active? What is the difference between a solid and a liquid rimblock?

Power Active is a solid rimblock. Thanks to its unique 4 functions formula, Bref Power Active prevents limescale, provides cleaning foam, dirt protection and extra freshness for your toilet.
Simply place the product into the toilet bowl, adjust it to the water flow and experience cleanliness and freshness of your toilet with every flush!

Duo Active is a liquid rimblock. Thanks to its two compartments, Bref Duo Active combines the performance of a toilet cleaner and freshener in one product. The blue compartment contains cleaning agents that fight limescale and dirt; the right compartment contains a pleasant scent that refreshes your toilet every time you flush. With Duo Active, enjoy a storm of freshness and scent each time you flush!

How does the fragrance boost of Bref Power Active Fragance Boost works?

Bref Power Active Fragance Boost benefits from a unique Bref technology. It contains an innercore loaded with 40% more perfume than the outershell. Thanks to its new system, Bref Power Active Fragance Boost keeps a strong level of fragrance intensity during the entire use of the product. As a result, the perfume is fresh from first to the last flush.

How long will my Bref Power Active, Duo-Active and Duo-Cubes last?

When tested in our laboratories in Europe, all those products last up to 250 flushes. Of course, the lifetime of Bref rim block depends on the toilet type and does change according to the water pressure, the water flow and the toilet frequency usage.

Why are the balls of the product consumed unequally?

Balls can be consumed unequally because of the type of water flow and the inadequate positioning of the product in the toilet bowl.
Always make sure that Bref is placed as vertically as possible and adjust it to the water flow.

How sustainable are the Bref Products?

Bref products are packed in carton and in plastic that are based on 80% recycled material. This packaging is also recyclable

Are Bref products safe for use in septic tanks?

Yes, your Bref products can be used in septic tanks.